In the most beautiful surroundings near the Isefjord, in the village of Vellerup, is my workshop. The nature that surrounds me is where I often find my inspiration for both shapes, surfaces and colors.

I work with different clay types and burning methods so that I can achieve the look I aim for.

Clay is a wonderful material

I have been dealing with ceramics for several years.

The 4 elements soil – air – fire – water is the epitome of working with clay, perhaps therefore one feels so nicely in contact with nature by it….

Ceramics are really hot right now and one of the very big trends. Many would like to even try to make beautiful things in clay, and I understand that so well, it is really relaxing to work with the clay, and there is then nothing better than drinking of a mug you made yourself. Or pick a bouquet in the garden for your own vase. I do a lot of courses where you can participate whether you have experience or not. I keep manageable one-day courses and Raku Courses Which requries two days If you are min. 4-6 people who want your own course, that is also possible. Write to me at info@lindanielsen.dk then I make a course for you and your desires.

Ceramic from my own hand, can be bought from a lot of shops around the country and you can sometimes find something in “Kiosk“On this page. A few times per year , my workshop is open and here it is possible to buy my things. If you want to be kept up to date on when I keep open house, offer courses, is to find on handicraft markets around the country, you can sign up for my nice newsletter and you will get the information directly in your mailbox.,

Let ́s get our hands dirty